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FMS Provides Professional, Technical and Administrative Support Services to U.S. Department of State

FMS has provided remedial accounting, financial management, system redesign, and related services. FMS provided more than 100 technical support staff including systems analysts, senior and junior level accountants, technical writers/documentation, specialists, budget and program management staff, finance and project managers to support audit readiness, financial reporting, and various financial management and related systems integration project. Our staff analyzed accounting transactions such as: US Standard Ledger (USSGL) entries, accounts receivable and accounts payable, accounting for payroll, and disbursing operations.

We have accomplished the following:

  • Determined the accuracy and completeness of transactions and where needed and preparing adjusted journal entries to ensure that the transactions are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Recommended improvements to specify accounting actions to improve operating efficiency and effectiveness and prepared accounting reports based on analyses of the USSGL data.
  • Maintained the Regional Financial Management System (RFMS) and its interplay with post level accounting systems ensuring compliance with OMB Circular A-127 – Revised Financial Management Systems, OMB Circular A-134 Financial Accounting Principles and Standards, OMB Circular A-123 Management Responsibility for Internal Control and OMB Circular A-136 Financial Reporting Requirement.
  • Evaluated and monitored system solution, integration and decision analyses in accordance with Financial Systems Integration Office (FSIO) standards.
  • Resolved complex system and business processing issues.
  • Reviewed software designs and provided feedback to DOS on the validity of the design.
  • Ensured complete, accurate and timely processing and recording of transactions in accordance with Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards (SFFAS), CFSC, DOS policies, practice standards, and other regulatory guidelines, legislation or policies.
  • Provided monitoring and oversight of accounts for accuracy, completeness, fund management, and control specifically in suspense deposit abroad, travel advance, budget clearing, and collection/receivable accounts.
  • Provided financial guidance on the application of Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards (SFFAS) 4: Managerial Cost Accounting Standards and Concepts.
  • Analyzed the financial operations of Department-wide Working Capital Fund Cost Centers (WCF) working with Cost Center Managers, the WCF Director, and WCF accountants.